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Book Drive for the Pelham Elementary School Library

When assessing the needs of our community, the Pelham club was made aware that the Pelham Elementary School Library was sorely lacking books for the children to enjoy. The Pelham Rotarians stepped up to the plate and decided to have a book drive. Due to the determination of the Pelham Rotarians, we were able to fill a large box with enough books to significantly enhance the collection at Pelham Elementary School. This will enable the children to have their own book to read while in the library instead of having to share with two or three other children.

Since literacy is such a big emphasis for Rotary, this project seemed to come along at just the right time. Rotarians in our community have always and continue to be recognized as individuals who are able to respond to those in need and provide them with the tools to make their lives better. In this case, what better tool can one provide than a book to a child? Seeing the children excitedly pour over the books was an indication that they were hungry to learn. It was a very meaningful experience to be able to provide them with the materials that they need to grow into well-rounded adults.