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Emergency Personnel Recognition

Every day, the emergency personnel in our community put their own safety at risk to ensure the people of Mitchell County are safe. The Rotary Club of Pelham believes that these men and women who display selfless determination in their duties represent the highest ideals of Rotary. As such, the Pelham Rotarians take a week each year to invite all emergency personnel in Mitchell County to come share lunch with us at one of or weekly meetings where we can show our appreciation for their efforts.

The turnout for these meetings is always very large and we have representatives from various agencies represented such as law enforcement officers, firemen, and emergency response professionals. Their supervisors always tell us that this event is highly anticipated each year by their employees. A good meal and an entertaining program is provided and our members have time to have fellowship with the people we rely on each day to keep us safe. Nothing could repay these brave men and women for what they do in our community but we do our best to show our gratitude to our local heroes.