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Marion Medical Mission

The Rotary Club of Pelham was eager to find an international water project that we could participate in that would provide clean drinking water to those without. We were very excited when we found the Marion Medical Mission whose goal is to build shallow drinking water wells in Africa, specifically in Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia.
Many of the health problems throughout the underdeveloped world are water-related. This is especially true in the rural areas of Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia where the people suffer from dysentery and other water-borne diseases. Most of the villages depend on surface water collected from open ponds and water holes.
Since 1990, the Marion Medical Mission has been providing safe water to villages using shallow wells that are sealed against surface pollution. Since then the number has increased to the point that they will have installed over 10,900 wells by the end of 2009. These wells provide well over 2,000,000 people with safe water.
Through their efforts, the Pelham Rotarians raised enough money to dig TWO wells, one in Kaulembe, Zambia and the other in Jamu, Zambia. These wells will provide safe drinking water to at least 150 people. These wells really are saving lives! Where shallow wells have been installed, so far no one has died of water-borne diseases. Our Rotarians are proud to have participated in this project and look forward to being able to continue to support this worthwhile cause.
 This is a typical contaminated water hole in Africa.
 This is the well we dug in Kaluembe, Zambia.
 This is the well we dug in Jamu, Zambia.