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School Supplies for Local Children

There are many children in our community who come from families living at or below poverty level. Parents from these families often have trouble providing housing, food, and clothing for their children. Often times school supplies like paper, pencils, crayons, and backpacks simply aren’t within the financial reach of people living in these conditions. Without the proper tools, these underprivileged children aren’t able focus on their primary objective, learning! Pelham Rotarian Newton Eunice recognized this need and presented this as a project that Pelham Rotarians were eager to take on.

A list of supplies was obtained from Pelham Elementary School so that we would know which items were needed. In order to collect these needed school supplies, Rotarians placed collection buckets in local businesses for people in the community to drop off school supplies or monetary donations. The project was a resounding success. We were able to collect enough supplies to fill several large boxes. These supplies were then presented to the school so that they could distribute them where they were most needed.

This project was a huge success both among our members and with those in the community. We hope to be able to provide even more support in the coming years.