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Suitcases for Local Displaced Children

Pelham Rotarian Betty Jane Bell is a retired social worker. Often times she worked with children who had been displaced from their homes for various reasons. She noticed that more often than not, the children were transporting their belongings in grocery bags and garbage bags. Knowing that the children were going through a difficult time, she thought that even a small gesture might make them feel just a little bit better. She, along with her husband and fellow Rotarian D.W., asked the Pelham Rotary club organize a suitcase drive so that the children would have a safe and effective way to transport their few belongings to their new homes.

This project struck a chord with the members of the Pelham Rotary Club. After all, who doesn’t have old suitcases filling closets and attics at home? This project provided our members and people in our community with a way to help those in need with something they already had lying around the house.

Our club was able to collect a lot of suitcases. Although it may not seem like much, these suitcases can provide a feeling of normalcy to children who are going through a very difficult period in their life.